We’re providing a combined service of all skills of working at height and rope access techniques with engineering background and experiences.

 MASARAT provides rope access services, working at height job safety training courses, NDT Non-Destructive Testing applications, installations, inspections, maintenance services in those wide ranges of industrial fields like petroleum refineries, ptero- chemical industry, civil engineering and construction, wind turbines, silos and high storage bins, adventure theme parks.

 MASARAT consists of the most experienced and trained technicians who have experiences in USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan in different working field with a professional manner and approach to safety.

Defining the Need

Offering rope access and industrial services for works to be performed at high and deep points where it is impossible to reach with traditional methods such as scaffold and crane.

We will successfully operate in several sectors such as oil refineries, natural gas plants, petrochemical industry, construction sector, wind turbines, silos and adventure and amusement parks completes several various works such as rope access, work at height, NDT non-destructive testing, assembly and installation, supervision, maintenance and repair in safe, fast and quality manner.


Rope access is safe.

because, all works are performed by rope access technicians who hold international work at height certificates; unqualified worker is not engaged in the works. Thus, zero occupational accident principle is protected; the projects are not left unfinished.


Rope access is fast.

because, safety lines which should be laid and safety measures which should be taken for works to be performed at hard to reach and dangerous regions are included in basic training of rope access technicians; the work is commenced without any need for a second team.


Rope access is quality.

because, rope access technicians who are absolutely master of work at height safety equipment and who has no problem with the sense of space, are highly trained personnel who follow developments in the sector, search the particulars of the work; they don’t perform their works hastily.


Rope access is economic.

because, transportation to the site, ground preparation, assembly and installation before work and disassembly and deconstruction and extraction after work are not needed unlike traditional crane and scaffold methods used for working at height. Since it does not cover space on the ground, the works of other teams are not interrupted. Chat conversation end